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EDO Mail: Secure, outsourced email with virus-scanning

EDO Mail delivers powerful email facilities as a service. Clients get the benefit of reliable, virus-scanned, full-featured electronic mail - without the cost of purchasing and running an email server.

Mail can be accessed using email software like MS Outlook or Eudora by client staff in the office. Outside the office staff can use an easy web interface to access the same email account. Contact us for a free trial of EDO Mail.

Why Outsource?

Cost savings: Outsourcing offers a cost-effective solution for business applications. It enables the use of the latest technologies without the costs: of buying email server hardware and software, or costly upgrade and maintenance charges and reduces the workload on IT staff.

Reliability: Our advanced technology infrastructure has created a communication platform with a proven uptime of 99.9%. Clients can communicate with confidence, knowing that the reliability and quality they need will always be there.

Security: All messages passing through EDO Mail, inbound and outbound, are scanned for viruses - including attachments. The virus scanning software is updated every six hours and guarantees up to 99.9% success rate. Connections to the EDO Mail server can be secured using SSL encryption.

The EDO Mail infrastructure is secured to a high level, with: tiered firewall and network architecture, 24/7 security management, incident response pager.

To contact us about EDO Mail please call + 353 (0)1 433-6000, or email info@edo.ie